• Overview

    Our client was a manufacturer of medical devices from the UK. They had a unique requirement for a single product category to add storage conditions to the product labelling of their contact lens product in one specific geographic region.
  • The labelling requirement was only for contact lenses sold into the United Arab Emirates. It would have been simple enough to create a new label and have this approved, but the client was unwilling to go through the trouble and cost of having their global label changed in any way since it was already registered and approved worldwide. Another problem was that the regulators would not accept a sticker to be placed on the outer package, adding storage conditions to the packaging. To summarize the challenge, we needed to add storage conditions to the packaging on products destined for the UAE market.

The Solution

Our team had exhausted all options regarding a re-design of the labels, and the client had rejected numerous proposals due to cost and regulatory issues.

We finally proposed the novel idea of creating a removable sleeve for the contact lens packaging, which had the same label details as the original, but with added storage instructions. This allowed our client to keep their original labels intact on the product packaging. We were able to fulfil the requirement of added storage instructions for the UAE market as instructed.

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