PRA is devoted to resolve issues that may hinder the progress of healthcare professionals and investors. we provide comprehensive support in obtaining licensing of healthcare facilities such as clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, dental practices, medical drug store and other related facilities as per the health authorities’ guidelines and timelines. PRA can obtain all the related authorities approvals including the Health Authorities, the Municipality and the Economic Department.

Health Care Facility licensing for facilities cover the following:

  • Manufacturers
  • Scientific offices
  • Medical store
  • Government Registrations (DIN/NPN/Medical Devices/OTC)
  • Site Licenses
  • Establishment License
  • Wholesale/Import/Distribute Licenses
  • New Facility license
  • Renewal of Facility license
  • Change in Facility partnership
  • Change in Facility ownership
  • Change in Facility location
  • Final facility approval
  • Facility Online payment
  • Cancellation of facility license
  • Planning Internal Layout (layout Drawing with official engineering consultancy)

Healthcare Professionals Licensing:

To seamlessly complete this process, reliable guidance is required to meet the requirements of health regulatory bodies for licensing healthcare professionals in the UAE. You will need assistance from an efficient and effective health services provider to obtain a professional license in the UAE. PRA Licensing takes pleasure in assisting medical professionals from all over the world and the UAE in obtaining the necessary licenses to practice their chosen specialties in the preferred Emirate of the nation. We will help you in acquiring the professional licenses issued by the four UAE health authorities, namely the DHA, DHCC, MOHAP, and DOH,

Where the licensing needed for practicing as a healthcare practitioner namely:

  • DHA- Dubai Health Authority (To practice in Dubai)
  • DHCC- Dubai Health Care City (To practice in Free zone)
  • DOH- Department of health (To practice in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain)
  • MOHAP- Ministry Of Health and Prevention (To Practice in Northern Emirates Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quawain, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah)
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